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As the founder of My Healthy Pet more than a quarter of a century ago, it is well known I am a pioneer in the pet industry. Setting out to make a change with my ideals using the Holistic Approach, which influenced and changed the mindset of the naysayers, that today almost every pet food brand references, natural, holistic, or human-grade on their packaging, it’s flattering, but even today I am still learning. I have always said, the ingredients in pet food plays a crucial role in our pet’s overall health and well-being. I am making changes to the old to bring you the new; introducing Harlow Blend! I have listened to my customers and made changes for the better. Keeping the long-lasting, forever high non-Grain Free premium formulas and enhancing the ingredients in our Grain Free formula. The result is a well-balanced product lineup which maintains the original My Healthy Pet quality adding significant value for years to come. Harlow Blend created by an animal lover for animal lovers.

Our Products

Are produced using locally sourced ingredients (with the exception of our Lamb which Is from New Zealand)
Meat, (hormone and antibiotic free) is always the first ingredient. Free from corn, wheat, soya or beat pulp.
Never any artificial colours or preservatives.
Take comfort in knowing if we can’t eat it why should our pets.