Canadian and family owned brand you can trust

There are hundreds of brands to choose from in today’s marketplace, but Harlow Blend is more than pretty packaging with catchy marketing promises; we guarantee what we sell. The first Canadian company to produce pet food with a natural and holistic approach in mind is the pioneers who show other brands how to do better. A family brand you can trust. All Harlow Blend formulas start with Real Meat, Natural Ingredients and Enhanced Vitamins & Minerals. Our ingredients are sourced regionally in Canada, The United States, and New Zealand.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We have switched to Harlow Blend in 2019.
We are very happy with their food and it shows in the performance of our dogs. Our working border collies are keeping a good healthy weight, endurance to be able to work or train every day, and they are on the Chicken & Vegetable recipe. Our senior less active dogs eat the lamb & rice recipe. We add some of the raw support supplements to their diet as well. Thank you Harlow Blend!.

Nathalie Eqenique

I am an ingredient reader and this is definitely a good dog food in regards to minimal ingredients and quality. I love that this is legume free, as I have some concern about a possible connection between legumes and canine dilated cardiomyopathy. See the FDA’s “FDA Investigation into Potential Link between Certain Diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy” for information on this. My dogs certainly enjoy this food.

Gail Winthrop

Zack, my Basset Hound, came to me from an American Breeder, who fed him Dog Chow his whole life. He was 4 years old when I bought him. He was skin and bones and had digestive issues, I switched to Nutro Natural Choice For Sensitive Stomachs. He threw up every day whilst eating that one. Next came Call of the Wild. Zack's hair fell out. I then, tried Canidae Lamb and Rice. All was well until Canidae changed the formula, the packaging, the price and the availability. I moved on to Harlow Blend Lamb and Rice, Zack is now 9 years old and thriving. He loves his food. Thank you Harlow Blend!

Laurie Magorel

I have a shar pei puppy with no real health problems and want to keep her that way. I am a groomer and have been in both showing and working dogs for years. It is hard to find a dog food company that you can trust...I feel that I have finally found one in you. Thanks to the Petfood Peddler in Loganville, Ga. and to the owner, Michael Cragin, I bought my first bag of the Harlow Blend Chicken, Rice, and Veggies today. All I can say is that both my pei and my 14 year old snoodle picked it out and left their old food ... that says something. I will keep you posted in a few weeks. Thanks again to you and to Michael Cragin.

Becky B. Albright

I rescued a dog that always had constant ear infections and chewed herself to near death. Spending loads of money, vet trip after vet trip. I decided to switch vets and finally was asked what I was feeding my pets. Once I found out that Koko (3 yr old elkhound mix) was allergic to wheat I switched to Harlow Blend. Her ear infections cleared up within 2 weeks and she stopped itching! It was a miracle. Since then I have looked into natural foods and compared them to grocery brand dog foods. The difference is amazing! Why would people feed their animals preservatives, animal by-product and sodium? When you can feed free range meats, vegetables and fruits loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Now that I know the difference I will never switch back! I now have two rescue dogs. And both are very happy and healthy on Harlow Bend!

Thanks for making a good pet food that owners can be proud to feed their animals! Remember You are what you eat!

Amanda Lowe

Awesome! My cat is allergic to poultry. It's a relief to give her food I know she will not get sick from. I even contacted customer service to make sure they were going to stand by their word - No Poultry.

C. Pitman

Canadian family owned and operated. All life stage Chicken & Salmon kibble formula. No corn, soy, wheat. No artificial color or flavor. Low magnesium. Small pieces, looks good, smells good. Bag reseals well. I have two males, one aged 18 years old, the other is 8 years old. They get free fed kibble as well as wet food. My older fella usually eats just wet food, but will occasionally nosh on dry food. I see him eat this. My younger boy pretty much only likes dry food and while I have their other food sitting out, he has been highly interested in this as of late.

Precise Disarray

My first impression was that the bag was one of my absolute favorite bag types of cat food. It’s that really strong plastic that has the freshness foil inside. It also has the stellar zip top that presses together kind of like Velcro. It’s durable, keeps the scent/flavor locked in and I don’t have to worry about the dog pawing at a paper bag of cat food.The blend is chicken and salmon. The kibbles are a very small size. They are a teeny triangular shape. My older cats definitely appreciate a smaller kibble. (My dog does too when he steals their food.) The food itself has a fairly mild smell. It’s not overly fishy or strong. I personally appreciate that. I like that it is free of corn and wheat. I also like that it has cranberries in it for their urinary tract. The food specifically says that it helps to maintain healthy pH levels as well. It’s free of additives, preservatives, and artificial colors. The bag does state that it is for all life stages of cat. The cats were a fan of the flavor and have seemed to enjoy this food quite a bit. Also since the food is more nutritionally balanced the feeding portion is smaller. To me, that’s a benefit that comes with higher quality foods. Also knowing my cats are eating healthier is comforting.


The first thing I noticed when I received this cat food was that it was vacuum packed for freshness. I appreciate that because freshness makes a difference in the potency of nutrients, and I have no idea how long it takes for pet food to reach my home after it is bagged at the manufacturing facility. I could also tell how fresh this food was when I opened the bag and experienced what smelled like fresh, nutritious pet food. Judging by my cat’s reaction, she thought it smelled pretty darn good too.After reading the ingredients, including all the bad things it didn’t have in it, I felt good about feeding it to my kitty. I have always striven to feed the best foods to my pets that I possibly could, and this food qualifies.

No matter how nutritious a pet food is, if my pet won’t eat it, all of that nutrition doesn’t matter. Well, my cat loved it! I’ve only encountered a couple of foods she wouldn’t eat, but it was obvious that she liked this food a lot.

I am very happy with this cat food and I would definitely buy it again.

Steve W.