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Nutritional Information



- contains the best natural source of protein and is high in calcium.

Flax Seed

- is rich in essential fatty acids . It stimulates the immune system and acts as an anti-oxidant.


- is high in iron, protein, and calcium It contains most of the B vitamins as well as other minerals.


- is well-known as an immunizing anti-oxidant and it also helps prevent fleas, worms, ticks, gastric and skin problems. It helps the heart by breaking down plaque and lowering blood pressure.

- lower blood cholesterol, improve bowel function, and help prevent urinary tract infections. They are high in tannins and may help prevent gum disease.


- seeds are an excellent source of vitamins. Millet is gluten-free and the most alkaline grain.

- is considered to be a non-allergenic grain. It provides carbohydrates which the body converts to energy.

- are high in trace minerals.
Brown Rice

- provides higher quantities of fibre and lower quantities of fat & protein than corn, wheat, or soya bean.


- is an all-natural, free-flowing antioxidant used for the preservation of fats, oils, fat soluble vitamins, and other oxygen sensitive ingredients. It is a detoxifying herb that works wonders for the liver, gall bladder, stomach, and intestines.


- are high in Vitamin C. They have been known to help cleanse the urinary tract by fighting bacterial infections and they also help heal wounds.


- is used for its protein content. It is also an excellent source of omega 3,6,& 9 essential fatty acids.


- increases the digestibility of food.


- aids in food absorption and helps with arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint problems, and soft tissue swelling. It also helps control odour.


Vitamins & Minerals

Biotin-B Complex

- the B vitamins are interdependent on each other for maintaining a healthy nervous system and for many metabolic functions.

Calcium Carbonate

- is a natural source of calcium. Calcium is essential for muscle contraction & neuro-muscular transmission & for blood coagulation.
Calcium Iodate

- is a source of iodine, a trace mineral which is vital to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Calcium Pantotenate

- stimulates the adrenal glands to produce natural cortisone & hormones. It is essential for proper utilization of fats & carbohydrates.

- is an essential mineral that helps regulate & maintain the correct acid/alkali balance in the blood. It is needed by the liver to help filter wastes from the system.

Cobalt Sulfate

- is a trace mineral that promotes normal blood cell formation.

Copper Proteinate

- is copper that is bound to a protein molecule for increased absorption.

Ferrous Sulfate
- is essential for life. It is necessary for red blood cell production.
Folic Acid-Vitamin B9 - is essential for the formation of red blood cells, it helps build antibodies, & it aids in
protein metabolism.
Manganese Proteinate

- is needed for normal bone structures. It is also important for the formation of thyroxin, the principal hormone of the thyroid gland.
Potassium Chloride

- is an alkaline based forming mineral. Together with sodium, it is responsible for maintaining the proper fluid balance in the body's cells.
Pyridoxine-Vitamin B6 - is vital to the nervous system & aids in the formation of red blood cells.

Riboflavin -Vitamin B2
- works with Bl to convert food into energy and it is also essential for growth and reproduction.
Sodium Selenite
- is an essential mineral & antioxidant that works together with Vitamin E to be effective for correct enzyme systems
Thiamin Mono Nitrate -Vitamin Bl

- is essential for converting food into energy. It helps create energy from food by promoting the proper metabolism of carbohydrate in the body.
Vitamin A Acetate

- is an essential antioxidant nutrient. It plays an important role in healthy function of lungs & air passages and helps maintain healthy eyes, skin, teeth, and gums.
Vitamin B12
- aids growth, food metabolism, the nervous system, & red blood cell formation.
Vitamin C

- is an essential amino anti-oxidant nutrient. It acts in the formation of collagen, with the repair of soft tissues, bones, & teeth. It also assists with iron absorption.
Vitamin D3 - is essential for the absorption of calcium & phosphorus. It is required for healthy, bones, teeth, & cartilage.
Vitamin E - is an essential anti-oxidant nutrient. It helps maintained blood cells & can supply oxygen to the body to increase endurance.
Vitamin Kl - is necessary for normal liver function & the formation of a chemical required in blood clotting.
Zinc Oxide

- is the natural form of zinc. It is essential for proper growth, helps detoxify the liver from poisons, & maintains vitamin A levels in the body.
Zinc Proteinate - is zinc that is bound to a protein molecule for increased absorption



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